Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee

Supplemental Services

This part of the IEP focuses on the other kinds of supports or services (other than special education and related services) that your child needs to be educated with children without disabilities to the maximum extent appropriate. Some examples of these additional services and supports are:

• Adapted equipment—such as a pencil grip, special seat,
   or cut-out cup for drinking

• A one-on-one aide

• Assistive technology—such as a computer, special software,
  or a communication system

• Training for staff, the student, and/or parents

• Adapted materials— such as books on tape, large print,
   or highlighted notes

• Peer tutors

• Collaboration/consultation among staff, parents, and/or
   other professionals (such as an occupational therapist, a behavior
   specialist, or a mobility specialist).

The IEP team must work together to make sure that your child gets the supplementary aids and services he or she needs to be successful. Team members should talk about your child’s needs, the curriculum, and school routine, and openly explore all options to make sure the appropriate supports for your child are included.