Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee
Board of Ed
Special Education Committee Members

Eric Siegel (Chair)
Emily Jaffe
Regina Truitt
Michael King

Responsibilities include reviewing matters concerning special education and making recommendation to the full board for action.

Click here to view Special Education Committee Meeting Minutes
Garden State Coalition of Schools (GSCS) Liaison

Chase Harrison 

The GSCS is a lobby group made up of representatives from public school districts throughout the state that uses various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or education policy.

Based on the GCSC 2013-2014 Focal Points, advocating for reductions in special education is a priority.

For the 2013-2014 School Year, Millburn's GSCS representative sits on the GSCS Board of Trustees, and Dr. James Crisfield is the current president. Membership dues are paid out of the school budget.
New Jersey School Board Association (NJSBA) Liaison

Rupali Wadhwa

The NJSBA is the New Jersey Chapter of the National School Boards Association, a lobbying association that frequently advocates against the interests of students with disabilities.

The NJSBA released its Special Education Task Force Report.  

Congratulations to Michael King on his appointment to the NJSBA Legislative Committee.  The report can be found here.

Read the NJSBA's Legislative Corner to learn about the organization's lobbying efforts to shape education policy. 

EMPOWERMENT through INFORMATION, RESOURCES and SUPPORT to allow students with disabilities the OPPORTUNITY to reach their FULL POTENTIAL