Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee
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  Who we are

The Millburn-Short Hills Special Education Committee, a member of the districtwide Parent Teacher Organization Committee (PTOC), is the Special Education Parent Group for the Millburn School District.  Click here to contact us.


                                      What we do     

M-SPEC holds monthly support meetings, sponsors various guest speakers and seminars throughout the year and works closely with other special education parent groups to address statewide special education issues. Monthly general meetings are held in the Millburn Public Library. 


M-SPEC serves as a clearinghouse for information, allowing parents to draw on the expertise and experience of its members, both regarding learning disabilities and the complexities of the special education system. Our website is our information hub, including a compilation of information and links to special education resources both within the Millburn School District and neighboring areas, form letters, legislative updates and listings of upcoming events and seminars throughout the region.  Information is disseminated through our M-SPEC Google Group, weekly newsletters and monthly general meetings.


Through donations and fundraising, M-SPEC's goal is to provide resources to enrich our children's education in order to propel our students to success. Our annual Resource Fair provides an opportunity for parents to learn about the numerous resources available to support the educational and developmental needs of students of all ages and abilities. The M-SPEC Speaker Series brings in distinguished guest speakers as well as seminars and workshops throughout the year on topics such as ADHD, dyslexia and emotional resilience.


Support groups are hosted by M-SPEC volunteers throughout the year, where parents can ask questions and share information in a supportive and confidential setting, We meet with representatives from special education parent groups across the state to discuss common issues affecting students with disabilities in the public schools.

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EMPOWERMENT through INFORMATION, RESOURCES and SUPPORT to allow students with disabilities the OPPORTUNITY to reach their FULL POTENTIAL